Danielle Broderick

Danielle Broderick

I moved from Newfoundland to Grande Prairie, three years ago. My husband has been working in the oil and gas industry for the past 10 years. We made the move across the country because we felt it was time to enjoy life together, instead of on a rotational basis. We have two sons, Griffin and Clark and a dog, Remi. Living outside the city allows me to get outside and take advantage of Grande Prairie’s beautiful seasons. I enjoy gardening, raising chickens, going for bike rides on the trails located around GP, visiting parks with my kids, and anything that involves relaxing in the sun!

I was born and raised in a small outport fishing community on the East Coast of Newfoundland. My East Coast roots have instilled in me a particular set of values that benefit the relationships I have made in my Real Estate career. Family, positive connections, dedication, and a hard work ethic are qualities that I hold dear.

My educational background is diverse; I am a continual learner. I have two Bachelor degrees from Memorial University of NL, both in Education. I was a teacher there for 13 years!! However, it wasn’t until moving to Grande Prairie that I realized I have so much more to give. I love helping ALL people! I love seeing people happy and smiling. Pairing that with my love of Real Estate has led me to become a  new agent with Grassroots Realty Group. I also have a background in digital marketing and social media management. Over the past two years, I have taken it upon myself to learn as much as possible about creating a presence online. This allowed me to branch out and create a side hustle helping small businesses, in and around Grande Prairie, create digital content and strategies to attract new business and foster the relationships they already had created.  It’s not enough to simply post on social media anymore, there needs to be some

value behind it… the connections you make behind the scenes are what make an impression last.
It has taken time for me to come to my true passion in life, however, I now feel ready and excited to extend what I can offer to you! Becoming a team member of Grassroots Realty Group aligns perfectly with the personal and professional service I wish to provide. Grassroots Realty Group prides itself on being an innovator in the tech and marketing world. Along with my knowledge and experience, I feel I will complement the values and vision of Grassroots Realty Group and my clients, very well!

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