Kaley Reiswig

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Kaley Reiswig


Office: 780-897-5784 Email: Kaley@grassrootsrealtygroup.ca

About Kaley

I’ve lived in Grande Prairie since I was seven and have come to know and love the community. I’ve witnessed it grow so much over the years and could not be prouder of how far it’s come!


I remember moving as a child and I loved it, albeit I didn’t have to deal with any of the headache, but I had such fun looking at all the different floor plans, yards, and neighbourhoods. I remember imagining so vividly what life would look like in all the different houses. I’ve always appreciated the home that a building has the potential to be. For this reason, I understand the importance of finding a place that’s right – be it a small cozy townhouse, or a giant mansion. Home is where memories are made and that’s what life’s about.


When I found Grassroots, I immediately knew it was a perfect fit. Filled with kind-hearted, diligent, and passionate agents, Grassroots focussed on building genuine relationships with its clients alongside offering cutting-edge technological services.


I look forward to helping provide the best buying and selling services to my clients!
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