Kade Bowie

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Kade Bowie

Being raised in Fairview I’ve learned that building and refining great relationships is a key quality to becoming successful. Building those relationships takes trust, honesty, and a healthy work ethic. Growing up I applied myself to my academic studies and contributed to the local community by coaching Parkour and Gymnastics classes. All of this has taught me to constantly make progress forward whenever I can, and when I can’t to take the time and refine my technique to improve my performance.

Although this is just the beginning of my career in real estate, I will always keep learning and strive to become one of the best in the industry. My pursuit of continuous learning ranges from an always current knowledge base of the market to the new technologies of the real estate industry.

The Grassroots team takes the passions for innovation and continuous learning that I already have, and amplifies them by using the most innovative technology in their pursuit of helping you buy or sell.

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