Len Freisz

Len Freisz

I understand that choosing the right Realtor can be a quite difficult decision, especially if you’re unsure exactly what to look for or what questions to ask. Making it even more difficult, I’m sure is our industries love of phrases like “We’re the biggest, # 1 in the World, I sell the Most” and on and on.

I believe experience, knowledge and proven track records are the vital qualities required and I’m very proud of how I stack up in all the above areas, from experience, to awards, to my time spent as Local Board President and even 3 terms as Director on the Alberta Real Estate Association.

I know you need to be able to count fully on the commitment from the Realtor you choose, to help guide you through either the buying or selling process and one who will work hard for you from start to finish. You need to be able to trust that they will employ all the resources necessary to make your transactions as smooth and successful as possible with the minimum impact of stress and worry to you. You also need to be convinced that the Realtors efforts are designed to benefit you, the consumer, rather than becoming another quick “Deal” to be disposed of quickly.

I understand the role of the Realtor and have been helping people through these processes for the past 39 years, and I’m proud of the relationships,both business and personal, that have resulted from these past years. I believe the thing I’m most satisfied with, is the number of clients I have dealt with over and over again, and the number of folks who have referred family members and friends to me. That’s one of my most cherished awards. It still thrills me every time I hear someone say “We want you to help us buy or sell”, because I recognize what it means to be trusted with an obligation like that.

It’s my Job and I love it !!!!!!

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