Lisa Saastad

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Lisa Saastad

Real Estate pretty much found me! I was open to starting a new career adventure and when the opportunity presented to become an Unlicensed Assistant, I took it! It’s been fun learning, helping, and being a part of this exciting business. My journey has just begun, can’t wait to see where it takes me!

I have been enjoying life in Grande Prairie since I was born. I met my supportive husband after completing college, we now have two awesome little girls who think helping me put “For Sale” signs up is the bomb! Our cute “bully” (English bulldog) doesn’t mind tagging along either. 

Grassroots Realty Group is a new flavor to Real Estate. I believe it’s aggressively innovative allowing freedom for creativity, but most importantly the people work as a family, they encourage, support, and grow! I’m honored and proud to be joining the movement!

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